Weddings are beginnings of creation.

A wedding is the celebration of two happy people in love getting together to start a new and wonderful journey. This up and down journey will ultimately lead to the creation of something even more wonderful, life.


The waiting period before the wedding.

A promise is made between two people. This is the butterflies period when both are ecstatic, anxious, and full of questions. Ecstatic because they both are accepted by one another. Anxious to get on to the next phase, the wedding. Full of questions like when should we have our wedding, where should we have our wedding, who should we invite, and the list goes on.


It’s a wonderful life altering feeling knowing you’re going to bring another life into this world.

Some people say having a baby will change your life forever and others say it’s a lot of work with many sleepless nights. But they all agree that having a baby and starting a family are experiences they would never trade for anything else in the world. Seeing them growing and happy is the ultimate reward.

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